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Put an end to house visits by unwanted wildlife guests and prevent future intrusions with pest control in Atlanta from AAA Trapping, Inc. Our team of trained professionals will inspect your home or property to get to the root of your animal infestation problem. We’ll determine the type of pest, their entry point and how to keep them out of your home or business for good. We guarantee it!

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AAA Trapping Inc. is a team of Atlanta pest control experts with over 24 years of experience in control and trapping services. Our experts know exactly what to look for when a suspected pest is in your house. Once the pest is found we find the best way to remove it before it causes any more damage. The best part is that we use humane methods of trapping to safely remove pests without causing them harm. You can rest assured that we will find a better home for your pest that’s not your home.

The experts at AAA Trapping Inc. have removed many pests over the past 24 years allowing them to provide you with accurate cost estimates based on how much work will be done in removal of the pest. We even provide estimates for the repair of damaged structures.

AAA Trapping Inc. offers Atlanta pest control services for many types of rodents, insects, reptiles and small mammals. AAA Trapping’s pest control experts understand the behavior of these pests and know where they tend to hide and what draws them to your home. This knowledge makes animal trapping quicker, safer and less expensive than a pest control service that has to guess and track an unknown pest.

AAA Trapping Inc. specializes in pest control in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Our experts have seen all natural pests in the area and are very familiar with their habits and removal. We can even tell you what draws the pest to the home and how to prevent them in the future.

The pest control experts at AAA Trapping Inc. guarantees that once the animal is removed that it will not reenter the area that has been animal proofed. Most Atlanta pest control companies will not offer a guarantee like this. Since AAA Trapping experts understand the behavior of animals, we are able to be proactive about infestation by effectively blocking off areas of entry for wildlife.

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