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Depending on the species, bats can range from 2 to 7.5 inches from tip to tail and 6 to 15 inches in wingspan and typically weigh less than 2 ounces. They typically have pointed ears and leathery skin on the wings. Bats like to feed on insects at night, usually near outdoor lighting where the insects like to congregate. This can come as a surprise when the bats start flying overhead to grab their prey.

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Among all the species, there are two types of bats. Some live in colonies and some are solitary. Before migrating for winter, male bats arrive at colonies in large numbers and mate with the females. At the beginning of spring these pregnant female bates are usually the first to migrate to their summer homes so they can prepare to give birth during the warmer months.

There are around 40 species of bats that thrive north of Mexico. The most common species are the big brown bat, the little brown bat, and the Mexican free-tailed bat. Often times you will see them flying in and out of locations where they are staying in the evening hours. If you see a bat near your home, it’s a good sign that your home may be infested and you should call a bat removal specialist right away.

Bats can carry rabies without showing any signs, so it’s recommended that an expert be consulted prior to attempting any control efforts. Upon visiting your home, our bat removal specialists will first inspect your property to find the bats. We may need to visit your home during the morning and evening hours to confirm the location of any pests.

Once we know what we are dealing with, a bat control solution is devised and implemented. Once the situation is assessed and understood, a humane solution will be devised. Our AAA Trapping bat removal specialists are removal experts and will find a way to relocate the bats to a better location away from you and your home. Managing further infestation is difficult because a 3/8 inch hole or larger is sufficient for bats to enter your home, so we are extremely thorough in bat removal and maintenance.

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