Yard Mole Removal in Atlanta

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Unusual pest infestations are no reason to feel embarrassed. Pest infestations develop for a number of reasons. In most cases these infestations are no fault of the homeowner themselves. This is especially true with some of the more unusual pest infestations, such as moles. Yard mole removal does not have to be an invasive experience for home owners. Understanding mole infestations and removal service can help make the ordeal less stressful.

Identifying the Pest

The first step toward yard mole removal is to successfully identify what type of rodent you are dealing with. In order to address your mole removal needs properly, a pest control expert will need to be certain that it is indeed moles that you have a problem with. Moles are small mammals. They primarily live underground, feeding on earthworms, ants, grub worms and similar small insects that also live in the soil. Moles can be identified for removal by their pointed, tiny snouts and large web shaped paws which are used for digging underground burrows. Many species of moles appear to have no eyes. This is an easy way to identify moles for possible removal. Many people mistake moles for mice. The pointed snout and lack of visible eyes will help you know whether you need to seek mole removal in Atlanta or if you are dealing with a different type of rodent.

Infestation Risk

The reason it is important to seek mole removal services if you suspect you have a mole infestation, is because moles can cause damage to your property. Moles are industrious diggers, and spend most of their time creating underground tunnels. These underground tunnels provide travel routes for other rodents such as mice, which are also undesirable. In addition to this problem, yard mole removal is recommended because if these underground tunnels become extensive, they can cause a risk injury to people walking through your property. These tunnels weaken the surface ground causing individuals to step through into these tunnels which can result in foot and ankle injuries. Wildlife removal is especially recommend for homeowners who have elderly family members or very young children, as these individuals are the most at risk of injury.

Another hazard of mole infestations which can be solved through animal control is destruction to tree root system and other plan root systems. When the moles burrow beneath the surface, they are removing necessary soil for the root systems of the trees and plants in your property. This is especially disturbing to gardeners. Animal control services can take care of this problem and allow the root systems of your trees and plants to reestablish themselves.

Successful Yard Mole Removal

There are many home remedies for mole removal, however, the only sure way to rid your property of these pests, is to seek the professional services of our Atlanta animal control experts. A pest control technician can visit your property and properly identify the rodent you believe to be a mole. If our technicians believe you do indeed have a mole infestation problem, they can establish a plan for quick and humane removal. Addressing a mole infestation early on, and seeking help quickly, can ensure that your mole infestation does not reach huge proportions causing damage to your property. Contact us today for our expert mole removal in Atlanta.

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