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Possum Removal, possum controlThe removal and control of the North American opossum — incorrectly, yet frequently spelled possum which refers to one of the Australian orders of this marsupial family mammal — is one of the most common animal control requests for our family owned business in Atlanta, AAA Trapping.

While the majority of the information most people have about opossums is that they play dead, once homeowners become the victim of an opossum invasion, they soon realize that removal and control is the only option as opossums are extreme pests.

The reason possum removal is important is twofold. First of all, while the opossumĀ is mistakenly thought of as lacking intelligence, in reality it is more intelligent than a cat or dog in a variety of aspects. It is this intelligence that makes them such a nuisance.

It is an opossum’s ability to find food that makes AAA Trapping Atlanta possum removal an important local service. Opossums are more adept at finding food than cats, rats and dogs. In addition, Atlanta’s North American opossum have a greater ability to remember where the food is than these three animals.

Additionally, opossums are fearless when it comes to entering out-buildings, garages and sheds because they have no fear of getting lost as the opossum is more intelligent than rats, cats and dogs when it comes to navigating a maze and finding their way out of a structure.

Another aspect of the opossum that makes Atlanta possum removal a thriving business is the number of these marsupials in the southern regions of the United States. While they can live almost anywhere, they thrive in warmer climates.

Unlike other pests, opossums do not require particular circumstances for nesting. Jacks and Jills — and their babies, Joeys — can set up camp in a building, hole, stump, tree… almost any location that keeps them relatively dry and gives them protection from predators.

It’s this ability to adapt to circumstances that can make possum removal and control difficult. It’s their nocturnal and rarely quiet habits that make them such a nuisance. With their relatively large bodies — they are about the size of a cat, but can weigh twice as much — and their lumbering, indelicate gait, opossums are not quiet when they move around at night and their foraging for food means they can keep you up late into the night and early into the morning.

However, even though they aren’t very fast, they are extremely good climbers because they have opposing thumbs on their back legs and prehensile tails that give them the equivalent of another limb to aid in their climbing. Unfortunately, it’s this ability to climb that adds to their reputation as pests.

Some interesting facts about opossums that makes possum control less difficult and hazardous is the fact that they are almost immune to rabies. They are, in fact, 10 times less likely to carry the disease than a wild dog. Another interesting feature of the opossum is the fact that it is immune to snake bites, particularly rattle snakes, cottonmouths, and pit vipers.

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