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Raccoon Removal, raccoon infestation, atlanta raccoon removalWith their adorably roguish black masks and surprisingly human-like five-fingered paws it can be difficult to think of raccoons as pests. But as cute as they are, raccoons are still wild animals. If allowed to live on or frequent your property raccoons can pose a danger to your health, your pets and your yard. Safe raccoon removal eliminates the problem without harm to the animal or pest-removal specialist.

Signs of Infestation

Raccoons are clever nocturnal prowlers, but they’re not very good at covering their tracks, so to speak. Signs of raccoon infestation are typically obvious and begin with overturned, raided garbage cans. Two of their favorite foods are melon and corn. Finding evidence of these foods being picked out of the trash is a sure sign you’ve been raided by raccoons. Damage to outbuildings, doors and attics is also common. Raccoons are notorious for their ability to enter closed structures, especially if food is detected. Property damage by raccoons can be severe, almost as if caused by a human. The Oregon Department of Fish and Game reports that raccoons have become quite acclimated to residential areas and accustomed to people. If you think these masked bandits are invading your property watch and listen for them after the sun goes down. They may not even bother to run when you see them.

Damage Prevention

If raccoons are only occasional visitors to your property there are several steps you can take to reduce the possibility of frequent returns:

  • Use sturdy refuse cans made from metal or hard plastics
  • Fit trash cans with tight-fitting lids or strap the lids shut
  • Tie trash cans to a post or place them in a snug rack where they can’t be tipped over
  • Never leave pet food outdoors at night
  • Place bird feeders well out of a raccoon’s reach
  • Secure a sturdy cap or screen on the top of the chimney
  • Prune overhanging limbs that might give a raccoon access to the roof or attic
  • Tack a 24-inch metal band around tree trunks to prevent climbing
  • Close all garage and outbuilding doors when not in use
  • Clean up droppage from fruit or nut trees as soon as possible

When Raccoon Trapping and Removal is Necessary

If you’ve taken all the precautionary steps and raccoons are still causing problems it’s time to call a specialist for raccoon removal. Raccoons are more than just a nuisance; simply living with the problem isn’t a safe option. Children and household pets are especially vulnerable to encounters with raccoons or their droppings. Raccoons can spread diseases such as rabies, distemper, leptospirosis and roundworm through their waste or bite. They can destroy a vegetable garden in one night or dig up an entire lawn as they hunt for nematodes and other underground delicacies. They are also a threat to domestic pets and nesting birds.

In some areas it may be illegal for an uncertified person to trap or relocate wildlife and many states prohibit the killing of any type of wildlife without a license. Even if you were inclined to use one, the type of snap trap necessary for killing an animal as large as a raccoon would be very dangerous to use around children or pets. The best solution for eliminating an infestation is to hire a raccoon removal professional.

Atlanta Raccoon Removal

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We are regulated by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and follow their guidelines where applicable. We also follow the guidelines of the Humane Society. We are confident of our solutions to the problem of wildlife invasions and offer a guarantee for the entire serviced area.

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