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Many people assume that rat infestations are a direct result of bad housekeeping or dirty living conditions. In truth, rats can infest any house in which they find an entrance. It does not necessarily reflect your housekeeping skills or living conditions. Rat removal in Atlanta can be a difficult task. Rats are in search of food and warmth. If you put off removal, rats can multiply very quickly. Rats are also experts at hiding and avoiding people. What you can’t see, though, can hurt you. This is especially true if there are young children or elderly people in the home. Professional rodent removal in Atlanta is usually the only way to entirely cure a rat infestation.


Rat fecal matter can spread serious diseases such as Hantavirus if removal is not done promptly. Hantavirus is a disease that is directly spread to humans from rodents. When a human is exposed to rodent urine that is infected with the virus they can become seriously ill. Last year, three individuals died due to Hantavirus that was contracted from rodents because rat removal was not conducted properly. The symptoms of Hantavirus are similar to cold and flu symptoms which lead many people to be misdiagnosed at first, adding to the danger. Pest removal services can greatly decrease the chance of your family being exposed to this disease.

Rat Bite Fever is another highly dangerous disease that is directly contracted from infestations due to lack of pest control services. Rat Bite Fever can be contracted by food that has been contaminated by rodents. This is a potentially deadly disease.

Not only can direct contact with rodent fecal matter cause health risks, but once rodent fecal matter has dried it can also contaminate the air quality of a home posing risk to all living in the home. Contaminated air quality can contribute to many breathing problems such as asthma. Breathing in air that has been contaminated by rodent fecal matter can also be a cause of contracting many diseases that are common to rodents. After rodent removal, it might be wise to hire a cleaning service to remove any remaining rodent debris.

Home Damage

As if the health risks posed by rats were not enough, rats also pose a threat to your home itself. Rats contribute to most non-weather related property damage every year. Rats can cause damage to installation, floorboards, cabinets and even electrical wiring. When electrical wiring has been compromised your home is put at a whole new level of risk as the danger of electrical fires is increased. It is reported that almost 23% of U.S. house fires are caused each year because of compromised wiring due to rodent damage. Hiring our rodent removal services in Atlanta can increase the safety of your home on many levels.

Rat Removal in Atlanta

Dealing with a rat problem early on is the best way to decrease your chances of property damage or health risk for you and your family. AAA Trapping Inc. can help you get your rodent problem under control before it becomes a major health or home issue. The only way to make sure a rodent infestation is completely taken care of is to get it taken care of professionally. Our professionals know where to look and how to execute successful removal of these pests effectively and permanently. Let AAA Trapping help you today. Call us for same day rodent removal service at 770-995-0803. Our rat removal experts in Atlanta can forge a permanent solution to your pest problem!

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