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Skunks are pesky critters, capable of driving you and your loved ones out of your house with their smell. If you think you need skunk removal, you may want to determine whether or not you have a skunk infestation.

Beneficial Animals

Although you might consider skunks a pest, skunks are actually quite beneficial. They eat bugs and rodents, digging for the pests with their claws. These omnivores are usually nocturnal and begin foraging after dark and returning to their den before dawn. Problems usually occur between skunks and humans when the skunk finds food nearby a human dwelling, or finds a good place for the skunk to make a den. If this occurs on your property, you may have to look into skunk removal.

Do You Have a Skunk?

The obvious signs of skunk infestation is the smell. If you’re catching a whiff of that distinctive, overpowering skunk odor, chances are you have a skunk and need to look into skunk removal. Other signs include torn open trash bags and deep furrows that the skunk dug to get at insects. Unless the skunk is sick or has rabies, you’re unlikely to see it during the daytime.

Discouraging Skunks

One way to avoid having to use skunk removal is to not make your home enticing to skunks in the first place. That means getting rid of rodents such as mice, rats, and moles that skunks eat. Removing common insect pests such as wasps, ants, termites, and other insects is also a good idea. Do not feed your pets outdoors, but if you must, pick up the food bowls before dark. Keeping the area under your porch enclosed and closing up crawl spaces and holes under your house will keep animals out. Besides being cruel, it’s likely the animals will try to get out any way they can, even if that means destroying more of your property and causing a bigger nightmare.

Keeping a light shining into the den and a radio playing during the daytime near the den’s entrance is a good way to oust a skunk without resorting to outright skunk removal. Wetting down the inside of the den at night is another way to encourage the current occupants to find a new home. With luck, you won’t have to pay someone for skunk removal.

Solving a Skunk Problem

When you contact us, AAA Trapping will come to your home, evaluate your problem, give you a written estimate of work proposed, and a written guarantee upon completion. Our professional staff members are all certified experts fully trained in wildlife removal, capture, and facility repair. We have a proprietary system using one-way exits and animal proofing which is an effective, humane way to rid your home of unwanted animals like skunks.

We are regulated by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and follow their guidelines where applicable. We also follow the guidelines of the Humane Society. We are confident of our solutions to the problem of wildlife invasions and offer our AAA Trapping Guarantee for the entire serviced area.

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