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Pest infestations are a disturbing problem for any homeowner. Common infestations would include mice, ant and roach infestations. However, some of the less common infestations can be the most disturbing. Snake infestations are becoming a growing concern for many homeowners, as wooded forest lands are decreasing and more and more residential areas are encroaching upon their natural habitat. Many pest control companies are offering snake control services as part of their services now.

Snake Behavior

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Understanding snake behavior can help in snake removal/snake control services. Snakes are cold blooded reptiles who must seek out warm environments in order to keep their body temperatures regulated. This is one factor which can lead to possible home infestation and a need for Atlanta animal control. When snake species cannot find suitable natural environments in which to live, hibernate or reproduce, they will consequently seek shelter wherever they can find it. Unfortunately, this sometimes forces the snakes to seek shelter in residential areas and pest control experts must initiate wildlife removal.

Preferred Environments

When snakes cannot shelter in their natural habitats, they will seek out places that are similar to their natural habitat. These areas are a great place to look for snakes before snake control services. This can include wood piles, areas containing large amounts of debris, tall grassy areas or areas containing overgrown vegetation. Certain steps can be taken to discourage a total infestation of these animals. Before seeking snake removal services, individuals can be sure to keep their property free of standing piles of debris as well as diligent attention paid to yard maintenance. Keeping grass, undergrowth, and vegetation cut back to a reasonable amount will decrease the chances of providing the snakes with adequate cover. When these types of hiding places are removed, most snake species will relocate rather quickly. Snakes do not like to be disturbed. They also do not like their hiding places to be disturbed, so this is a great step to take toward decreasing a snake infestation problem before you call for our animal control experts.

When There Is a Problem

There are a few signs to watch for that could signal a snake infestation. If you often find snake skin that has been shed, it could indicate that you have an above average snake population on your property. Obviously snake sightings are one of the most certain ways to know that you have snake infestation problem.

Poisonous and Non-Poisonous

It is very important to distinguish whether or not you have a poisonous snake infestation or if your snakes are non-poisonous. The most important characteristics to remember when identifying a poisonous snake, is that poisonous snakes have triangular heads and a large pit between the eyes. Even if you are certain that your snake is non-poisonous, it should be treated with respect as most snakes will bite whether they are poisonous or not.

Snake Removal

Wildlife control should be sought out if you have an infestation of many snakes. Snake populations can grow in a relatively short amount of time, so initiating animal control in Atlanta early on is a great way to stop the problem before it gets worse. If you suspect that you may have a snake infestation problem, call us and we can set up an appointment for you with one of our knowledgeable animal control experts. They can evaluate your property and give you a better understanding of what will need to be done to start your snake removal process.

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