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Tree squirrels can cause an incredible amount of damage to a building once they get inside. Usually, that entry point is a hole chewed into the building itself, and your attic is a favorite playground for nesting in insulation, chewing on woodwork or wires (fire hazard!), and rolling nuts across the floor. Property damage escalates the longer gray and flying squirrels are allowed to remain in a building. A gray squirrel or flying squirrel will require knowledge of the species to identify and remove it. Squirrel removal in Atlanta is a job for professionals.

Gray Squirrels

The most common species in Georgia is the gray squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) and it is abundant throughout the state, particularly in urban and suburban areas. They eat a variety of foods but prefer oak acorns and hickory nuts. If food is adequate, in one year they can raise two broods of 2-3 babies in leaf or cavity nests and an attic with fluffy insulation is ideal. By three months, they are weaned and adult gray squirrels range from 12 ounces to 1.5 pounds with little color variation.

Gray squirrels are active during the day. They can be seen busily gathering nuts, robbing bird feeders, and scampering across tree limbs. The nuisance factor escalates when they try to get in the house or get stuck in an empty house. A lot of property damage, including fires, is caused by the gray squirrel.

Flying Squirrels

The Southern flying squirrel (Glaucomys volans) is a small, shy animal who is active at night. Adults weigh between 2-4 ounces and are about 10 inches long including the flat tail. They are rarely seen, but the silent glide from high places using the webbed skin along their sides is a beautiful thing to watch.

Flying squirrels cause problems for the homeowner when they choose to live in the attic. These are communal animals raising two litters of 2-7 young a year and congregating with other flying squirrels for warmth. They use latrine areas that become black, smelly leaks along the side of your wall and many a homeowner has lain awake listening to scrabbling sounds as the flying squirrels in the attic go about their activities.

Because they are small, a flying squirrel will not need much of a gap to gain entry to your home. But they have been known to carry diseases capable of transmitting to humans, chew wiring, and cause damage to your property. It’s clear to see why squirrel removal is a priority when these creatures show up.

Solving a Gray or Flying Squirrel problem

When you contact us, AAA Trapping’s squirrel experts will come to your home, evaluate your problem, give you a written estimate of work proposed, and a written guarantee upon completion. Our professional staff members are all certified experts fully trained in wildlife removal, capture, and facility repair. We have a proprietary system using one-way exits and animal proofing which is an effective, humane way to rid your home of unwanted animals like gray and flying squirrels.

We are regulated by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and follow their guidelines where applicable. We also follow the guidelines of the Humane Society. We are confident of our solutions to the problem of wildlife invasions and offer a guarantee for the entire serviced area. Call us for same day squirrel removal in Atlanta at 770-995-0803.

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