Yellow Jacket and Carpenter Bee Removal

Carpenter Bees and Yellow Jackets are two pest control problems that can be difficult to contain. Not only do they nest inside your home and breed, but they can harm you and your family if startled, leaving you vulnerable to serious medical problems. It’s important to contact carpenter bee removal professionals when you feel that a problem like this is persisting so you can have it taken care of immediately.

What are yellow jackets and how can they harm your home?

Yellow Jacket Removal, carpenter bee removalYellow jackets are a type of flying pest that lay their nests in the ground or, if they want, they can lay them in cavities found in your home. Wherever there are openings, they can build a nest and quickly multiply over a short duration of time. They often chew through materials in your home with the goal of building their nests, which can lead to costly home repairs. Then can be incredibly aggressive and have been known to attack individuals inside their homes at the slight stir of aggravation. Their stings can cause serious complications for individuals who are allergic to them.

What are carpenter bees and what problems can they cause to your home?

Carpenter bees are a type of bee that drills holes into wood surfaces—treated decks, walls, foundations—to better build a nest for their colonies. The big difference between carpenter bees and yellow jackets is that male carpenter bees cannot sting you. Many people have a preconceived notion of carpenter bees, that they will sting us relentlessly. Even though the carpenter female bees have the capability to do so, they oftentimes will never engage you. The biggest problem with having carpenter bees in your home is that they will destroy wooden foundations, making them a threat to the structure of railings, porches and exposed wood surfaces. For these reasons, carpenter bee removal is critical.

What signs should a homeowner look for to determine if bees are a problem?

The best way to determine if bees are a problem is if the surrounding wooden structures have become infested with them. If there are mass amounts of bees coming and going from your wooden structures, then it’s time to take action, regardless of whether or not they have shown signs of aggression. To take good care of your home, it is important to stop the nest before it grows any larger. Our carpenter bee removal team is professional, prompt and highly skilled. Always make sure to consult a professional when looking to exterminate these pests from your home. Doing it on your own can be dangerous and it may not effectively remove all of the pests. When you turn to us, one of our carpenter bee removal professionals can ensure any yellow jacket or carpenter bee problems will be addressed effectively the first time around, and your home can go back to being enjoyable once again.

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