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Bat Removal: 3 Common Bat Species in Georgia

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Bat Removal: 3 Common Bat Species in Georgia

Bat Removal: 3 Common Bat Species in Georgia

There are numerous types of bats found all around the world. The three most common species in Georgia are the Little Brown Bat, the Big Brown Bat and Mexican Free-tailed Bats. Here’s a quick look at the three most common types of bats and the benefits of having a bat removal company solve your problems.

Little Brown Bat

Myotis lucifugus, commonly known as the Little Brown Bat, occupies three types of roosts: day, night, and hibernation. The locations of the roosts are dependent upon the presence of climate factors and they prefer warm temperatures. Both day and night roosts provide a home for active bats, with the roosts usually being found under rocks, up in the trees, in buildings, and also on and in piles of wood. A day roost will have little or no light but it will provide good shelter to the bats. Night roosts are typically found in the same buildings as day roosts, however, they are a more confined space as the bats like to huddle together at night for warmth. In Georgia, they enter hibernation in November and reemerge in mid-March.

Big Brown Bat

When it comes to medium-sized bats, Big Brown Bats are the most common. They have a wingspan of 11 to 13 inches, and they tend to range from four to five inches in height. The fur that they have is somewhat long and shiny brown in color. These bats are nocturnal, meaning you are most likely to see them out at nighttime. They stay in hollow trees during the day, as well as below loose tree bark. It’s also common to find them in the crevices of rocks, attics, barns, window shutters, and more. They have an exceptional capability of being able to navigate in the dark by using a range of skills related to echolocation and ultrasonic sounds. When flying, they produce audible noise, which usually translates to the human ear in the form of a click or the sound of escaping steam.

Mexican Free-tailed Bat

Also known as a Brazilian free-tailed bat, these unique creatures feature a tail that is quite unlike other bat species in that it extends beyond the tail membrane. Similar to the Little Brown Bat, the Mexican Free-tailed Bat, prefers warm weather and is more active at night. These bats fly higher than all other bat species and can typically be found at an altitude of over 2 miles high. Many of these types of bats prefer to live in caves, but in today’s modern world, many will choose any building, especially gable vents of attics, where they can roost. That’s why it’s important to call AAA Trapping if you need bat removal services.

Removal of Bats In the Attic

Here at AAA Trapping we are licensed, certified, and insured, and we guarantee that you won’t need further bat control help after you call us. We will safely and humanely remove the bats, or any other problem animals, from your property and prevent them from returning. Give us a call today to see how our bat control services can benefit you, your home, and the environment.