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Why You Need Professional Atlanta Raccoon Removal

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Why You Need Professional Atlanta Raccoon Removal

Why You Need Professional Atlanta Raccoon Removal

There are many times where it can be helpful to DIY a solution for issues around your home. However, a raccoon infestation is one time where you should always call a professional. If you have found yourself with a raccoon problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We deliver first-class Atlanta animal control services, and we’re confident that we will exceed your expectations. Here are some good reasons to give the professionals a call:


First and foremost, safety should always be your number one concern. If you attempt raccoon removal yourself, you could be seriously injured whether it’s due to bites and scratches from the animal, or slipping and falling off a ladder. Our experts know the best and safest way to remove all types of animals. We are trained in handling a wide array of situations and have the equipment to keep ourselves, and the homeowners, out of harm’s way.


Raccoons can carry any number of diseases that are transmittable to humans including roundworm, rabies, and salmonella.  Without proper medical care, a simple scratch or bite from a raccoon could become serious. If you don’t wear the proper attire and appropriately eliminate them from your home, these diseases may spread and become problematic. Our raccoon removal specialists have extensive experience in handling these types of animals and know the trouble they can cause. All our technicians come to your home equipped to handle anything that may occur.


Some areas have laws governing the requirements of trapping and humane treatment. In Georgia, trapping is allowed only during December through February, unless the trapper possesses a nuisance wildlife control permit, and all trappers must be licensed. All of our raccoon control specialists are fully licensed, certified, and insured. We know the laws set forth by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and are committed to obeying the rules and regulations they have provided.

Get the Job Done Right

Having an experienced raccoon removal specialist visit your home is always the best choice. AAA Trapping is licensed, certified, and insured, plus, if you have us animal-proof your home, we offer a guarantee that you won’t have any further wildlife issues thanks to our animal control services. When AAA Trapping comes to your home, we will identify the wildlife nuisance animals that you need to have eliminated as well as the animals’ points of entry. All raccoons are captured in a safe and humane way. Once the raccoon removal is completed and repairs are made, you will be given a guarantee that ensures you won’t have to fret about the raccoons anymore.

To avoid costly damages and to reduce the stress of having to deal with a raccoon problem again in the future, a quick call to Atlanta’s AAA Trapping animal control professionals is the smartest move to make. Give us a call at 770-995-0803 or contact us through our website today for more information about our Atlanta raccoon removal services. Avoid DIY problems and let the experts make your home safe for you and your family again.